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This pattern is in English.

Twist And Shout Sweat Suit is a two piece outfit, containing sweater and pants.

The sweater is a raglan style model with cables, worked from top down. The first part of the chest is worked flat knitting with increases around the raglan stitches, as well as towards the breast, for a nice neckline with a perfect fit. At the bottom of the neckline, stitches are cast on and the work continues working in rounds.

When the chest part has reached the desired length, the body and sleeves are separated. They will be finished each by itself. The ending will be a twisted ribbing on body and sleeves, as well as in the neckline, where it will be worked double for an extra nice finish.

The pants are also worked from top down. The waistband is worked with a twisted rib, containing two holes in the front for the cord. The ribbing will be folded to build a tunnel for the cord, which is worked as a horse bit, also called I-cord. The pants will be worked longer in the back, using German short row technique. Then continue working in rounds on the body with different intervals of increases for a wonderful fit, as well as a panel of cables along the side seam. At the end the work will be divided and each leg will be finished by itself. There will be decreases along the inner seam of the leg and the finish will be a ribbing in twisted rib.


Choice of size

The sweater was designed with a positive ease of 10-15 cm. That means that you need to choose a size that is about 10-15 cm bigger than your own chest measurement. If your chest measurement is 96 cm, you should choose a size M.

The pants were designed without or with a negative ease of about 5 cm, to fit tightly around the bottom. You need to choose a size, which is 0-5 cm smaller than your hip measurement. If you prefer a more loose fit, you can choose one size bigger.


Size XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL) XXXL



Fits chest measuring 80-87 (88-93) 94-99 (100-107) 108-116 (117-126) 127-136 cm


Chest circumference 100 (106) 111 (117) 127 (137) 147 cm


Length (measure in the middle of back, without neck) 51 (52) 53 (55) 57 (59) 61 cm




Fits hip/waist measurement: 84-91/60-67 (92-99/68-75) 100-107/76-83 (108-116/84-93)117-126/94-105 (127-136/106-117)137-146/118-129 cm


Belly circumference (pants measurement right under the ribbing, about 10 cm under the belly button) 67 (75) 83 (93) 104 (115) 126 cm


Hip girth (pants measurement at the widest point) 84 (92) 100 (108) 117 (127) 137)


Inner length of leg 72 (73) 74 (75) 76 (77) 78 cm



Knitting gauge 18 stitches • 24 rows of stocking stitch with needle 5 = 10 • 10 cm after washing.


Recommended Needles Circular needle 5 and 4 (40 cm and 80-120 cm) as well as double pointed needles if you don´t with work magic loop technique.


Suggested yarn Merino 120 (50g/120m) and Kid Color (230/25g) from Lang Yarns worked together



Merino 120: 400 (450) 500 (550) 600 (650) 700 g

Kid Color: 125 (125) 150 (175) 175 (200) 200 g



Merino 120: 400 (450) 500 (550) 600 (650) 700 g

Kid Color: 125 (125) 150 (175) 175 (200) 200 g