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This pattern is in English

Ma Cherie Bon Bon Sweater is a light cropped model, which is worked from the sleeve towards the middle of the body in one piece. In extension of the sleeve, a sidepiece is worked, which will combine the front and the back. On each side of the sidepiece stitches are knit up, creating the body. The front and the back will be worked flat and simultaneously an increase of the number of stitches around the yoke will take place, to shape the shoulder slope. Finally the work is separated into back and front and a round neck is created. When the work is halfway on the body, stitches will be left on a holder and the other half will be worked. Finishing the work will be done by uniting the two pieces with Kitchener stitches and a ribbing is worked on the neck and lower body.


Choice of size

This Model was designed with a positive ease of 10-15 cm. That means that you need to choose a size that is about 10-15 cm bigger than your own chest measurement. If your chest measurement is 96 cm, you should choose a size M. Because this model is worked from the sleeve towards the body, you will also need to measure your span from wrist to wrist. In the instruction it will be explained how to adjust the pattern to your own measurements. If you wish the model to be longer, you can extend the sidepieces, and there will be an extra cable on the body. Remember to adjust the amount of yarn needed if you extend.

Size XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL) XXXL

Fits chest measuring 80-87 (88-93) 94-99 (100-107) 108-116 (117-126) 127-136 cm

Bust 96 (102) 110 (118) 126 (134) 142 cm

Span 148 (150) 152 (154) 156 (158) 160 cm

Length (measured centre back, without neckband) 52 (54) 56 (58) 60 (62) 64 cm

Gauge Stitch 16 stitches • 22 rows in stocking stitch on needle 6 = 10 • 10 cm

21 stitches • 26 rows in rib on needle 4 = 10 • 10 cm

Recommended Needles 6 mm (40, 80-120 cm) and 4 mm (60 and 80-120 cm as well as double pointed needles if you don't work with magic loop technique).

Suggested yarn 1 thread Merino 120 (120m/50g) from Lang Yarns or Super Sock (225m/100g) from Fiber Galore worked together with 1 thread Kid Silk Mohair (420m /50g) from Fibergalore or Tilia from Filcolana

Merino/Super Sock 500 (500) 550 (600) 650 (700) 750 g

Kid Silk Mohair 150 (150) 150 (175) 175 (200) 225 g